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3 Days of Road Trip Hairstyles: Day 2, Braided Crowns

Halfway through your trip, you may see your hair falling flat or getting greasy, and will be tempted to whip it into a ponytail or bun. If you’re seeking an alternative to these fall-back styles, try the braided crown!

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3 Days of Road Trip Hairstyles: Day 1, Beach Waves

Hitting the road? Don’t leave without these tips and tutorials for getting road trip-ready hair. This week, we’re sharing three hairstyle ideas that look good and travel well. FIrst up: beach waves!

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ModCloth Moments: Almost Summer

Sure, it’s sunny in Malibu, but it was a breezy day when we shot the first part of our stylebook, Summer in Focus. We captured this picture-perfect moment of one of our models, Amy, zipping by videographer Jon’s camera in a fun effort to stay warm.

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Best Job Ever: Nikki Dinsmore, Sea Otter Aquarist

Sea Otter Aquarist. Do we need to tell you much more to convince you that Nikki Dinsmore has the best job ever? Nevertheless, you should check out the behind-the-scenes video anyway.

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ModCloth Moments: To the Sea

ModCloth behind the scenes

Photo shoots are full of unforgettable moments, and the open roads and seaside settings of our new summer stylebook were rife with inspiration.

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Road Trip-ready: A Tote that’s Made to Travel

Whether you’re embarking on your own photographic sojourn this summer, or simply exploring your own hometown, these summer essentials will ensure you’re always prepared for a picture-perfect moment.

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Behind the Scenes with Our Summer Stylebook

Beyond the Lens featured image

Our latest stylebook, Summer in Focus, tells a story of discovery through the eyes of a young aspiring photographer. Go behind the scenes with our team as they bring our summer stylebook to life.

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Let’s Create an Epic Road Trip Mix, Shall We?

Behind every great road trip is a beyond-epic playlist, so don’t leave home without the best thing you’ll hear all summer — our community-curated road trip mix!

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Everybody’s Wagon for the Weekend

Writer Chris delves into his love of station wagons by sharing some vintage snaps of every family’s favorite vehicle.

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