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To Grandmother's House We Go…

I took a roadtrip to Philadelphia this weekend for a cousin’s wedding and, of course, did some shopping along the way. Grandma’s house was my first stop. Now my Gram is definitely not your average 82 year old; she teaches …

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A Pug on a Mushroom

Nothing to brighten up a rainy Friday like a pug on a mushroom.

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Go Fug Yourself

Interview with Heather and Jessica from blog Go Fug Yourself

One of our favorite daily reads is Go Fug Yourself, a snarky and hilarious blog that chronicles the lows (and sometimes highs) of Hollywood fashion. I had a little chat with Jessica & Heather, the brains behind the blog……

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Awefulsome Tuesday: Part Deux

What could possibly follow-up last week’s awefulsome Saddle Bag? How about this ultra over-sized cardigan by Liz Claibourne Sport…

This is a size small.

Now at first glance, I must admit, I had to cringe. But then it totally …

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The Holy Grail

I did some light shopping this weekend and I think I might have found the Holy Grail.

Vintage Nine West leather over the knee boots in almost new, barely worn condition and, most importantly, in my size.

Of course I …

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ModCloth in Shojo Beat: October 2007

ModCloth in Shojo Beat: October 2007…

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Trend is Dead, Long Live Trend

Trends are a funny thing. One second you’re living your life, minding your own business… and the next second, you realize you can’t live another second without a pair of suede knee-high boots in eggplant purple. Print magazines depend on …

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Awefulsome Tuesday

We’re starting a new feature here on ModLife: Awefulsome Tuesdays! Awefulsome? I hear you ask, What does that mean? Well, it’s 1 part “awful” plus 1 part “awesome”.

This is where we feature finds that walk the line between truly …

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Vintage Archive

Have you seen our Vintage Archive? It’s a new section devoted to all the fabulous one of a kind vintage pieces that we’ve sold in the last year or so. It’s like grandma’s closet in digital form and, even …

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I tested out my new apron and measuring cup set this evening and here’s the result:

Delicious vegan cookies and cream cupcakes! Now it’s time to eat……

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