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Fluffy Friday

I couldn’t sleep last night, and when I finally got out of bed I stepped right into a pile of cat throwup. I squealed and stepped away, onto my other foot, into another little pile of cat sick.

Not a …

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Going Blonde

I’ve been dyeing my hair since the 8th grade, and at one point or another my naturally dark brown hair has been almost every color imaginable. It started innocently enough – just a reddish-auburn tint – but (after many long, …

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Winter Wonderland

Today’s the first real snow day here in Pittsburgh – there’s about 3 inches on the ground and it’s still coming down. It’s so pretty!

Snow Day

Here’s the view from our office. I can’t lie – I’m really tempted to leave …

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Awefulsome Tuesday

Today is my favorite day of the week: the day to celebrate awful/awesome fashion. This time around, I’ve picked a vintage belt.

Now I have a great fondness for vintage belts; it’s so hard to find modern belts that are …

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Mushroom Monday

This week’s mushrooms were procured from a rather large (and lucrative) Goodwill in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. I always find the best stuff there. Here they are hanging out with a vintage owl figurine from my local, smaller Goodwill.

Vintage Mushroom Figurines

Aren’t …

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As I’ve mentioned before, we each fill many different roles here at ModCloth. It’s not unusual for me to design a homepage in the morning, pack orders in the warehouse in the afternoon, and write product descriptions in the …

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