Archive | 11/19/2008

28 Wishes: Name It and Win Holiday Contest

Up north, in blustery Pittsburgh, the ModCloth workshop is preparing for the holiday season. The writer’s nook is abuzz with the sounds of stress: the click clack of hurried typing, the whish of garments¬† hastily tried on and examined, and …

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Name That Coat Winner!

After a week of hanging on a rack in the office, lonely, and unsure of who she was or where life would take her, this coat finally has a name and identity. Soon she will be worn by stylish girls …

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Seen in Boston

While my hubby and I were exploring all the classic history that is Boston, I saw so many great looks. Some were chic and modern, while others were snappy and vintage-inspired. Here are a few of my favorites.

I spotted …

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