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ModCloth Halloween Costume Contest Winners!!

First of all, we want to thank everyone who submitted to our costume contest. From Shakespeare to zombies to jungle animals, we were so impressed with everyone’s costume creativity. Sadly, we could only pick two winners.

Congratulations to ‘indierockgrrrl,’ …

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Outfit of the Week: D.A.N.C.E.

Monthly, a few friends and I host a dance party in Pittsburgh called Cure for Restless Legs. It’s a great chance for us to play our favorite music and “cut a rug” with a bunch of cool people who want …

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Top Ten Things We Love About November (Besides Thanksgiving)

Nestled between Halloween and Christmas, chilly little November often gets neglected. Sure, Thanksgiving gets a heap of press, but that’s only one day in an entire month — that’s why we decided to come up with the Top Ten Things …

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Goodbye, Warehouse

A few weeks ago, a very bittersweet event happened here at ModCloth. Our warehouse, which we were so used to being just a few steps away, moved sixteen miles northwest of Pittsburgh to Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Everyone chipped in to help …

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Halloween Costume Contest

One of Winston’s costumes this year was a bumblebee!

Halloween has come and gone, but these next couple of weeks are really the best time to revel in the brilliance of your costume. After all, some of you spent weeks …

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 Trend Alert:

Voting! This is a trend that works for everybody. Especially, if you’re lucky and your polling place hands out buttons or stickers.

As you all know, tomorrow is Election Day! Please remember to find your polling place and …

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