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Top Ten Superbowl Snacks: A Very Special Weekend Edition

[Image above: (clockwise from left) 1. Wings 2. Beer 3. Chili 4. Pierogies 5. Cheese Fries]

The Superbowl is almost here, and we are SUPER excited. If you haven’t already figured it out, many of us at ModCloth are die-hard …

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Pittsburgh's Going to the Superbowl

[Images above: Raymond James Stadium from, Logo from]

Here at ModCloth, we’ve caught a nasty case of Super Bowl fever. Maybe it’s because we all love our little city so much, or maybe it’s because Black and Gold …

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Korean Flu Song

This week’s cute find is a Korean cold and flu song. Stay healthy everyone!
P.S. Can anyone translate this?…

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Take Better Outfit Photos

[Originally posted by Jenna O. at]

We are all excited to start sharing our outfit photos on the ModCloth Style Exchange.

Keep reading for tips to keep your photos looking sharp.

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Roses are Red

[Image above: Reno the Rocket from our ModCloth Style Exchange]

Our style inspiration today was selected from our new ModCloth Style Exhange Flickr group! Every Friday, we’ll select a new Fashionista photo to be highlighted as our Style Inspiration. …

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Outfit of the Week: J'aime le Rouge et le Bleu

I’ve always had a love affair with red and blue, and this outfit is my newest romance! Staring the True Love’s Kiss Dress, this outfit is supported by stylish pieces like the Pretty Poppy Knit Hat and A Touch

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Meet Lian

Lian has been modeling longer than she’s lived in the United States! Five years ago, she moved to Pittsburgh all by herself from TianJin, China to attend college. This brave girl earned a degree in mathematics from the Community College …

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Vasil's Guide to Style: Accessorize (and Transform Your Look)!

It’s no secret that everyone is a little strapped for cash these days. When the economy struggles, prices go up and designers cut back on their collections. Most people can barely afford to cover daily expenses, let alone shop for …

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Marne's Awesome Pittsburgh Finds


Who: Marne, ModCloth Photo Specialist and Pens Enthusiast

What: A vintage Pens jersey (circa 80-92), 1980 World Champions Pirates Scorebook, “Pittsburgh’s New Civic Auditorium” postcard, “Pittsburgh – We Love It!” postcard.

Where: The Penguins jersey was picked …

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Oh So Playful

[Originally posted on]

 How playful! I have to give her credit for her old, beat up Chucks – she makes them look glamourous. The scarf matches the trim of the cardigan perfectly!…

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