Archive | 02/02/2009

The Black and Gold (and Green)


for the win

Hooray! The Steelers won the Super Bowl and Pittsburghers couldn’t be happier! In honor of our hometown heroes I present this winning black and gold outfit! Originally from Who’s Wearing What.…

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Vintage Purse Obsession…

vintage shopping[Image above: purses and clutches]

This past weekend I took a trip to Off The Avenue Antiques and Collectibles in Coraopolis, PA. They have lots of vintage shoes, purses, dresses and coats. Needless to say, I found it hard to …

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Tips for a Greener Pet

[Images above: right from; left from]

After I got my amazing mini wiener dog, Keith Richards, I realized that being green with a pet can be quite difficult. Our first week together saw the depletion of my …

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'Send Us A Valentine' Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries to the ‘Send us a Valentine’ Contest; we feel so loved! Congratulations to our winners, Andrea and Jordan! Their valentines will soon be available to send from our Valentines Scrapbook and the girls …

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I am Not a Look-alike!

[Image above: From Francois Bunelle’s “I AM NOT A LOOK-ALIKE!” collection courtesy of]

Photographer Francois Brunelle from Canada has an ongoing project titled “I AM NOT A LOOK-ALIKE,” where he photographs people from across North America …

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