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A Slice of Summer

Besides this outfit being a much-needed burst of sunshine in the long line of dreary winter days, it’s also especially appropriate for today’s Style Inspiration because Lindsay just taught us about paper bag waists! Keiko Lynn hand-made her colorful …

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Enter Pronto's V-Day Dream Outfit Contest

Maybe you’ve already started dreaming about what to wear for your V-day date this year, or maybe you would rather forget the holiday; either way, wouldn’t it be nice to spend February 14th in the ModCloth outfit of your dreams?…

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Style Glossary: The Paper Bag Waist

paper bag waist

Welcome to our very first Style Glossary post! In this series, we’re going to give insight into the more obscure cuts and styles of some our new (and fabulous) items! This week we’re going to start with the paper bag

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Mom's Veggie Ham BBQ

My mom used to make this amazing shredded Ham BBQ when I was a kid. It would simmer all morning, filling the kitchen with this mouth-watering, tangy/sweet aroma. At lunch, she’d serve it on a warm crusty roll with yellow …

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Something Sweet: Name It and Win, Day 2

[Something Sweet: Name It and Win, Day 2]

┬áToday’s ‘something sweet‘ is also something warm that will protect you from the February chill. If it only had a name…

Read full contest rules here.


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