Archive | 02/19/2009

Frame My Ruffles

[Image above from]

Today’s style inspiration comes from Monique S from Sydney, Australia. The outfit features a high-waisted checkered skirt, wide belt, and a ruffled shirt. What makes the outfit work is the perfect balance between the brightly …

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We Can't Stop Talking About…Graphically Influenced Patterns

[Image above: Mara Hoffman spring 2009, influenced by maps]

I seriously cannot say enough about patterns. They have crept into my life from every angle. I love to draw them, see them, wear them, and print them over and over …

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Get That Look!

This week, ModCloth stylist extraordinaire, Vasil, presents his first installment of “Get That Look”! In this series, Vasil will show us how to create our own variation of celebrity fashion using ModCloth products. For our first installment, he transforms our …

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