Archive | 02/20/2009

Snowball Fight In Style

Today‚Äôs Fashionista of the Week, picked from ModCloth Style Exchange Flickr Group, is “doll bombs”! Her winning outfit pic, “post-snowball attack pride” shows that a ModCloth girl looks great in any weather. Her cozy and chic look includes The

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More ModCloth Pets!

Riley has captured the hearts of the office workers by being the youngest puppy on the block. His favorite pastimes are digging in his bed, chasing the cats around Marne’s house, and being ridiculously cute. He one day hopes to …

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Vegan Jerky, Jack Black, and Cartoons

(Image Above: taken from

Listen to This:

Mariage Blanc – Broken Record; Self Release – October 2008

You know how every now and again you stumble on something truly amazing, and you tell all your friends about it, and …

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Outfit of the Week: Age of Aquarius

Hello ModLovers! As Susan, Sari and myself enjoy the tail end of the current trade season in beautiful Las Vegas, I took the opportunity to try out some of ModCloth’s newest transition pieces. I wanted to move away from the …

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