Archive | 03/06/2009

Dragons, Vegans, and Monsters, oh my!

(Image above: Vegan A Go-Go from

Read This: Vegan A Go-Go, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2008

I admit to being a closet cookbook collector. They fill my cupboards and spill out of my pantry, but I can’t help it! …

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London Calling

It was unintentional, but this outfit really has a British vibe to it. Maybe I was subconsciously influenced by the early stages of  “holiday” planning or the conversation I had earlier in the week with an old friend now living …

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Rock 'n' Roll Queen

Today’s Fashionista of the Week, picked from ModCloth Style Exchange Flickr Group, is “SamanthaJoyyy”! We couldn’t help but smile when we saw Samantha’s outfit pic, entitled “rock’nrollpartyqueen.”  Only a wise fashionista like Samantha would balance those wacky ModCloth shades

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Thrifting Roadtrip

I have a theory: The further away you travel from a major metropolitan area – the better the thrifting becomes. I tested my hypothesis with a thrifting road trip of western Pennsylvania – and the results were staggering!

See how

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Hedgehog Bath Time

This week’s cute find vid is a little lengthy, but waaaay cute.  This chubby hedgehog is an awesome swimmer! And I love how he just floats on his back forever- what a pro. While researching this cutie, we also learned …

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