Archive | 03/26/2009

Outfit of the Week: Spring Fling

With formals and proms right around the corner, I volunteered to accessorize my most favoritest dressy dress, the Dancing At Tiffany’s. (Sorry everyone- as of today it’s sold out, but I’ve got a secret: it’s coming back soon in

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Get That Look: Zooey Deschanel

[Want this look? Click on the image!]

ModCloth stylist extraordinaire, Vasil, presents his next installment of “Get That Look!”In this series, Vasil shows us how to create our own variation of celebrity fashion using ModCloth products. This week, …

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The Doctor is Cute

[Originally posted on Wardrobe Remix]

I love how playful this look is. The socks are a unique touch, the print of the skirt is a thing of beauty, and her purse speaks to my recent obsession with doctor’s bags. …

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Poketo is a really cool retailer whose story begins inside the art scene of San Francisco. According to their site, founders Ted & Angie curated shows for many friends, but no one could afford the pieces on display. So …

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Fused Plastic Bag Tote

Hey all! I wanted to share with you the instructions I gave my kids for the after school art class I teach. The basic idea is melting old plastic shopping bags into a composite plastic which you can then create …

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Style Glossary: The Batik and the Beautiful

This week, we’ll discuss batik! Considered a national art in Indonesia, batik is a wax-resist dying method that involves spreading wax on a fabric and then dip dying it. The results are beautiful – unique, one-of-a-kind patterns are created …

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