Archive | 04/01/2009

Fav Find: Susan’s Amazing Red Rainboots!

fav find

Who: Susan Gregg Koger: founder of ModCloth, thrifting addict.

What: Textured red rain boots with the cutest black heel

Where: A random garage sale. I made an abrupt U-turn to go back to it!

How Much: Only $5!

When do

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We Can’t Stop Talking About…Traveling the Open Skies!

[Image above: (clockwise from left) Pin Hole camera for those sunny days at Notre Dame, the Buffy Sainte-Marie bag that will help you rival the chicness of all the Parisian girls, Take on a new face/unibrow with this great Frida

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Garden of Love

Vasil didn’t have to look very far for today’s style inspiration; he chose Susan!

Today’s style inspiration is very dear to me, not only because I fell in love with Susan’s ensemble right away, but also because I was able …

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