Archive | 04/08/2009

Style Glossary: A Sight to Bo-hold.

Hello ModLovers! This week’s Style Glossary post is dedicated to a style term very close to my heart: Boho. If you’ve done any research on the trend, you’ll know that this term encompasses an entire fashion phenomenon.…

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Roasty, Toasty Cauliflower

Cauliflower, admittedly, isn’t the most glamorous of the good-for-you foods. It doesn’t have the bright color of the carrot or eggplant, the nutritional value of the blueberry, or the funky pizazz of the kiwi fruit. But with this ridiculously simple …

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I Wear Black On the Outside

[Originally posted on Hel Looks]

I know Spring is generally the time of the year when you can shed your all black outfits to explore greener (or pinker or ‘yellow-er’) pastures, but I, never one to wear black to …

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