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Liquid Nerd

Margo, an 18-year-old Russian spotted on is my style inspiration today. The mixture of diverse materials in her outfit, such as tulle, leather, and liquid spandex, makes the ensemble trendy and unique. Despite the classiness of black and white, …

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Muted Blossom

Check in all week for Vasil’s favorite street styles!

Today’s style inspiration comes from Anne-Solange, 30-year-old writer and journalist from the fashion capital-Paris! The outfit caught my attention due to its combination of menswear characteristics and feminine look. With the …

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Capri Party Salad

Like Eddy says in Absolutely Fabulous, “It takes more than a carefully placed bottle of olive oil and some balsamic vinegar to make a kitchen,” but I have to disagree. I think it completes a kitchen! I love that …

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ModCloth’s Perfect Prom Contest Winner

perfect prom contest

Congratulations to Alexa Carrasco, the winner of our Perfect Prom Contest! Alexa styled her prom dress with the Pinochle Bracelet, the Debutant Ball Gloves, Legend of the Hidden Earrings, Ariel Combs and finished off the look with …

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Top Ten Things To Do When You’re Sick

Image from

Recently, ModCloth has been hit with several rounds of a stubborn virus that we lovingly refer to as the Mod Plague. Many of us have been forced to spend a few days languishing at home. If you …

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Shiny Happy Seahorse

Today’s Style Inspiration, chosen from ModCloth’s Style Exchange, is all about easy elegance. We love how “ssgottlieb” styled her Stormy Weather Dress, and we absolutely cannot get over that fabulous bag. The best accessory of all? …

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PRC Is Your Earth Day Pick!

(Image above: Fighting the Litterbug! taken from

Thank you so much for making our Earth Day Donation Poll a success! The response was astounding, and we were really touched by how many of you voted for your favorite green …

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Outfit of the Week: Shorts and Sweet

Sunny spring days made their much anticipated debut in Pittsburgh last week, and luckily a few of them landed on a weekend! For this week’s outfit I wanted to create a sunny Saturday outfit perfect for outdoor cafes or sitting …

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Still thinking about Easter Treats

[Oh yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. It is a deep fried Cadbury Cream Egg first seen on Kerryn’s Flickr]

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Orange Crush

  Style InspirationStyle Inspiration

[Image above from Wardrobe Remix]

My goodness – that dress! There’s not much more I can say……

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