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Style Glossary: What Did You Call Me?

Holy dolman sleeves, batwing! Get it? Well, you will after this week’s Style Glossary post on dolman sleeves! They’re making a comeback in a big way, and I couldn’t be happier. Dolman sleeves (aka batwing sleeves, a variation of …

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A Bright Idea!

By guest blogger, Julianne:

I am always torn when thrifting as to what strikes me more: vintage clothing or mod decor…  However, having recently stumbled upon the 500,000 square foot Antique Mall in Ohio, I was a bit overwhelmed to …

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Apparelled in Celestial Light

You have to love a fashion blog that gives you  just as much inspiration from literary references as it does from the fabulous outfits. Audrey Leighton’s blog, “Frassy,” is integrated with quotes from Wordsworth, Shakespeare, and Kerouac, and …

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