Archive | 06/04/2009

We Can’t Stop Talking About…Paper!

[Image above: CARTONLANDIA by Ana Cerrano]

Cut, Folded, and Glued!

Don’t be fooled by the basic sheet of paper. It can be formed and molded into the most extraordinary, meticulous pieces of art. Paper cutting artists are some of …

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This Just In

Liebemarlene Dress

The perfectly vintage-inspired Liebemarlene Dress is definitely my favorite new item this week.  I’ve loved it since the moment I laid eyes on it, and I can’t wait to have it hanging in my closet.

What’s your favorite

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Fabulous Frills

This DIY blouse is more adorable than a calendar full of baby kittens.  The shirt seen here is made by Carrie who writes the blog Wish Wish Wish.  Victorian style, say hello to the modern deconstructed look.  This top, …

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