Archive | 06/11/2009

Meet BUST Magazine

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BUST Magazine is one of our faves here at ModCloth. We love flipping through each issue’s tips on crafting, fashion, cooking and all-around empowering awesomeness.

Recently Laurie, BUST’s Publisher & Creative Director, Susan, their Sales and …

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This Just In

Heiroglyphics Flats

I’ve been on the road a lot with the buying team lately, so I’m on the lookout for cute, comfortable, match-anything flats that I can wear to walk around & shop all day.  The Heiroglyphics Flats fit the …

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Penguins, Pirates, Ahoy! Welcome To Pittsburgh.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia User:Derek.Cashman

CHOMP.  You’ve been bitten by the travel bug!  Quick, somebody call the doctor – we need a diagnosis!

Ten Minutes Later…

Okay, examination finished.  The result?  A benign infection.  Only side effect?  Well, pretty soon …

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