Archive | 06/15/2009

Quench your thirst, not your plastic waterbottle!

Do you have an Echolism addiction?  We’ve got the perfect fix for you this week.  Moving into the ModCloth Green Scene spotlight: (Drumroll, please…)  The Whale of a Good Time Bottle & Fresh Water Forest Water Bottle! Have you …

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The Top Ten Types of Cool Abodes

Image Courtesy of Flickr User Jsome1

1.  Troglodyte DwellingsContrary to common belief, these are not dinosaur homes.  They are cliff dwellings.

2.  Houseboat.   Surely, life is but a dream living in one of these, even if you

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Yin and Yang

This week’s style inspirations are brought to you by our favorite stylist, Vasil!

The world around us is never black or white; however, in the world of clothing, black and white remains one of the most classic, simple, and

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Puppy Cuteness

Knoxy is the newest addition to the ModCloth puppy family. He’s a Yorkie/Poodle mix that Vasil adopted last week!

Here’s what Vasil told me about him:
“Knoxy loves taking long walks during which he either hops like a little rabbit …

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