Archive | 06/18/2009

Style Predictions Come True!

Back in January, Vasil predicted the style trends that would rule 2009.  Have you been seeing a shift in style towards looks defined by earthy colors, ruffles, silhouette-defining belts,  and mixed patterns in the last couple of months? We …

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Blogger Of The Moment: Frassy

It’s time to learn about UK blog-darling Audrey Leighton! If you want fresh and inspired style, look no further than Audrey’s blog, Frassy. Throw into the mix her creative ensembles and addictive dialogue and you’ll be adding BeFrassy to …

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Simply Paris

This week’s style inspirations come from our favorite stylist, Vasil!

Today’s style inspiration comes from 17-year-old French student, Alma on  The simple dress and couple accessories make the look clean and bold, while featuring Alma’s natural beauty. Don’t

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Outfit of the Week: How the West Was Cute, and You Can Be Too

For my Outfit of the Week, I was inspired to do a modern interpretation of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I know, I know, that show was kind of bad, but I’ve always loved pioneer-girl style, and I couldn’t help …

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