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Challenge yourself! Hundreds participate to better environment

Do you recall where you were June 20th at 5:30 A.M.?  Sleeping perhaps?  If you were myself, or one of the other 599 motivated outdoor/eco-enthusiasts registered for the full Rachel Carson Trail Challenge, you were about to embark on a …

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Top Ten Pieces of Street Art

(Image Above: Banksy’s “Maid”  Photo Courtesy of )

Plenty of “street art” is unappealing.  Almost all of it is controversial.  And, pretty much none of it is conventional.  Though the term street art may bring to mind …

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Punk Princess

Image taken from the Flickr account of I’ve Stolen a Garden.

Black and blue have always been my two favorite colors, and together they make a great team. I love how she’s coupled them here in a punky princess kind …

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