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Oh Manchester, My Manchester! There is a look that never goes out!

(Image above: Wardrobe image found at HOYPHOTOBLOG)

From ModCloth Writing Team Intern, Amy Cockcroft:

Maybe I’m just missing my native city, but I think this girl pictured in Manchester, England is absolutely dazzling! From her high-waisted fruit cocktail …

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Virtual Realities

(Above image: My Mad Men “me” having a highball of bourbon with Don Draper after a long day of writing ad copy.)

  • We’re crazy about the AMC series “Mad Men,” and we know that many of you are,
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The Terrific Transformations Results

We hope you all enjoyed reading Tewosret and Shar’s inspiring transformations, and thank you for your votes! After a neck and neck poll, we’d like to extend our congratulations to Tewosret for winning the Transformation Contest! Tewosret is the lucky …

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BFF Cuteness

After finding last week’s piggie bath on u-zoo, I stumbled across these friends and couldn’t pass them by. Animal odd couples are so irresistibly cute!!…

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