Archive | 08/20/2009

Outfit of the Week: Brewing Up a Storm

From ModCloth Writing Team Intern, Amy Cockcroft:

This week I felt like mixing my styles, and why the heck not? I wanted to do rock chick. I wanted to do 1940s. I wanted to do dinner date. I wanted to …

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This Just In!

striped retro bow dress

Helena Dress

It’s no secret that I like full skirts and unexpected details, so when I saw this cute new dress it was love at first sight! I think it would look good with contrasting flats and a belt.…

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Sock it to Me

[Photo originally from Garance Dore Blog]

I love the way these bright yellow socks peek out of the lace-up heels! The bright socks and pink umbrella add the perfect accent colors to the light pallet of the rest of …

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Paris, Je T'aime À La Folie!

(Image Above: Picnic In Paris Dress, Marie Antoinette Ring, French Vanilla Tights, Cocoa Beach Wedges, Deauville Leisure Journal)

Hyper-mega-top! That may be one way to describe Paris, a city so pretty it will make even …

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Formal Up Front, Casual All Around

For this installment of Unisex-y, I’d like to skip the formalities and informally introduce you to the formally informal Formal-i-Tee by designer Dainty June! With its sturdy yet soft cotton construction, epicene shape, and golden print of a ruffled …

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