Archive | 09/08/2009

Top Ten Homecoming Themes

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With homecoming right around the corner, this week’s Top Ten can’t help but dedicate itself to this awesome affair. In search of inspiration, the Top Ten went out into the field, exploring what homecoming

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Style Glossary: Bubble Hem

Greetings ModLovers! With the last hurrah of summer being celebrated with the picnics and moonlight hangouts on Labor Day, I thought it would be appropriate to choose this week’s term with warm memories in mind. Enter the bubble hem! …

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Great Style Spotted!

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This girl, found on, is proving that “All That Glitters” just might be “gold.” With those electrifying lurex leggings (à la Hocuspocus Tights) and sparkly gold-dotted tutu, this gal is glowing. Sure, some …

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