Archive | 09/29/2009

Take a look at our new Fall Coverings!

A seasonal shift is underway, and we’re showing a new lookbook to keep your wardrobe crisp and transforming with the times. Renovate your wardrobe from the inside out with new fall coverings, from a velvet flock frock, to moire

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ModCloth is Making it Work, after work!

As Tim Gunn would say, we’re on a mission to “Make it Work!” after work, that is. As lovers of fashion, a good challenge, and the newest season of Project Runway, a few peeps at the office decided to get …

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A Hot look at HotHouse!

This lovely lady in an adorable creme colored maxi with matching accessories was recently seen on August 29th, at Pittsburgh’s annual Hothouse party to benefit the Sprout Fund. The Sprout Fund is a local nonprofit organization “supporting innovative ideas and …

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ModReviews: Glee – Le Clean Freak, C'est Chic!

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By Guest ModLife Writer: Natalie Brova

If you’ve had the pleasure of watching Glee, Fox’s new musi-comedy, then you’re already as smitten by guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury’s stand-out style as I am. Quite frankly, I have …

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