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Green on the Silver Screen!

Image above: Eco-Erin to the Rescue! taken from

For a while now, Hollywood has been getting greener and greener. While not all of these eco-centric films have been blockbuster mega-hits like Erin Brockovich, they have made an impact …

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What's Your Silhouette?

(Dress Side Story, Shifting Perspectives Dress, Tierway to Heaven Dress, The Cindy Dress)

Dresses are always in, but are you always in the dress that is most flattering to your shape? One-shoulders and maxis are …

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Blogger of the Moment: Gala Darling

Meet Gala Darling, our lovely Blogger of the Moment. With her pink hair and propensity for wearing fuchsia and black, she truly embodies what it means to have personal style. Whether you’re a blogger wannabe, a small-town girl or …

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Primary (Style) Election

[Originally posted on Chictopia]

Choosing style inspirations for color week is so much fun (and so is today’s look)! The primary pops of color added to the belt and the scarf make my heart skip a beat. She really …

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ModCloth Proudly Presents: Tag for Swag Wednesdays

We’re oh-so-pleased to announce that ModCloth has found the cure for the mid-week slump — Tag for Swag Wednesdays. The middle of the week leaves a lot to be desired, so we’re giving away a coveted ModCloth gift card each …

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Style Glossary: Dear Details

Hello ModLovers! In the spirit of Style Glossary, I’ve decided to feature some of the finer details of the garments that we call our wardrobe! This week, we’ll discuss the welt (or besom, by tailors) pocket. The welt pocket

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Color Your Wardrobe Wonderful

Tempted to buy those colorful garments in fantastic shades of yellow, red, green and blue, but afraid you won’t know where to wear them? Well, fear no more, we’ve got the solution! Below you’ll find some suggestions of when to …

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I Can Has Cheeseburger Day Winners!

We would like to say a big, ‘cheesy’ Thank You to all who participated in ModCloth and I Can Has Cheezburger‘s Twitter contest last Friday! We had a lot of fun, and hope you did, too.  Thanks for helping …

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Have you satisfied your color palate?

(color trend source:

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to food, fashion, and music, so why not colors? Influencing everything from one’s mood to the feng shui of an apartment, colors take the cake as one of …

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Top Ten Ways to Add Color to Your Life

(Image Above:

If you’re feeling a little blue as of late, it can’t hurt to make your life more colorful. You can always get new, vivid garb, but this week’s Top Ten will give your grey matter a …

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