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Do You (I)participate?

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We think volunteering is just about one of the nicest things you can do these days. However, it’s not always easy to find all the opportunities that are out there! Well, we’re here to share an awesome …

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Top Ten Celebrity Pseudonyms

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This week’s Top Ten will be a little game. Plenty of celebrities take on a moniker during their climb to stardom. Can you guess which celebrities belong to the true names below? Answers are at bottom. …

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Outstanding Outerwear

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As the fall sets in, the weather is getting a bit nippy. It’s not quite warm enough to break out the heavy wool coat, but you can’t exactly go out in a tee either. That’s …

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You can count on Craigslist!

Who: Laura, a vintage-hunting novice

What: A lovely formal dress in a cool shade of blue with a delicate floral print, circa 1950s or 60s

Where: A garage sale in Grand Rapids, MI

How Much: $3

When I use It:

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