Archive | 10/16/2009

It's a Swine of the Times!

(Image above: Just Jared)

  • While the recent swine flu epidemic is nothing to take lightly, we fear that it maybe giving certain pigs an undeserved bad rap.  Take, for example,  Miss Piggy. This sassy sow never ceases to inspire
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Outfit of the Week: All Stylish on the Western Front

I’ve never volunteered to create an Outfit of the Week, given the obvious limitations of ModCloth items I can assemble to put together a look for myself. But then, someone said to me, “Why don’t you just style someone else?” …

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The Fairest Cardi of Them All

(Image above: HEL LOOKS)

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s Style Inspiration, I have a serious obsession with cardigans – and this girl’s colorful cardi takes the cake! The vibrant colors and abstract pattern of this cardi is slightly “eccentric …

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