Archive | 11/03/2009

Music and Mod Collide: Indie Edition 1

By ModCloth Writer: Natalie Brova

ModWriters are often asked how we come up with the wonderful, occasionally wacky, names for the bevy of beautiful garments which we bestow titles upon daily. While the answer varies, one thing we are incessantly …

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A Vintage-Inspired Carving!

Thanks to everyone who particapated in Pumpkin Carving for a cause! For each gorgeous gourd that was sent into our Facebook group, we are donating $5 towards the The Washington Area Humane Society. With an impressive 254 entries

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An Important Thing: Seeing Demetri Martin Live

a notepad and Demetri Martin

I have been a fan of Demetri Martin for years- ever since my hubby and I saw his first stand-up special and scoured youtube for more of his clips. (Yes, we like to think we …

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Perfect Psychedelic Pants!

Who: Katie Y.

What: A pair of truly awesome vintage pants

Where: Local antique store

How Much: $29.99

When I use It: I purchased this in 7th grade for a Girl Scout convention, and have kept wearing them ever since! …

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