Archive | 11/13/2009

Freaky Friday

  • If you’ve looked at a calendar – or perhaps the terrified look on your coworker’s or classmate’s face – you know that today is Friday the 13th. The clinical term for fearing this day is paraskevidekatriaphobia. This word was
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All Dogs Go To Heaven, Especially This One

Picture from

There’s a great story behind this cute pic. These little guys are newborn African Wild Dogs from our very own Pittsburgh Zoo. Their mother died after delivering them, but another momma dogĀ from a local shelter is …

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Hats off to Headpieces!

(Image Above:

“Wow!” That’s the first word that leapt to the forefront of my cognition when I set eyes upon this hat. Birds of paradise, monarch butterflies, vivid irises – pure amazing. It’s loud, proud, and simply wonderful. …

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