Archive | 12/02/2009

Make Bee-tiful Candles for the Holidays

(Image Above: Photo by Ellen Jaskol at the The Rocky Mountain News)

Back when I was a kid and didn’t have an income, except for my allowance, I remember getting really creative with gifts. Well, it’s a recession and it’s …

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Eel Have a Blue (or Green) Christmas: Eco-friendly Holiday tips

Use an alternative energy source to power your Christmas décor…like this electric eel!

While ModCloth does not actually condone acquiring an eel for the sole purpose of powering your Christmas tree, we couldn’t resist sharing this zany news piece from …

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Blogger of the Moment: Niotillfem

Swedish blogger Sandra, of Niotillfem, writes about more than just fashion. She lives and breathes style, and we see it in photos of her at parties, playing Scrabble with friends, and eating a lazy breakfast on a Saturday morning. …

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North Poll: Name It and Win It Contest, Item Five Poll

As always, you have until noon tomorrow EST to vote! Have fun, and don’t forget to keep playing. Our sixth nameless item will be launched tomorrow!

On Monday, December 7, the winning name of this accessory will be announced on …

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What Not to Be When You Grow Up

It was a not-so-glorious Saturday morning at the DMV. So what better time to crack open Crap Jobs: 100 Tales of Workplace Hell? (Civil Servant, in case you were wondering, is ranked #9 on the list).

Remember that summer you …

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