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January's Women's Health Mention

The Morisot Skirt was featured in January’s Women’s Health Magazine!

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Outfit of the Week: Color Me Cute

Oh, the doldrums of wintry weather! It’s all of a toasty twenty-two degrees today in Pittsburgh. The sky is grey. The streets are grey. Everything is starting to fade to a shade of grey. But, instead of blending in with …

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Size of the Times: Part III

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Now that we’ve taken a look at how plus size models are portrayed in the media, debated the existence of a size spectrum in fashion, and seen the world through plus size model Mandy Fierens’ eyes, it’s the …

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Bowled and Beautiful

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True, it is winter in Pittsburgh (and will be for quite some time). True, there are no tropical getaways in my near future. Still, from time to time I like to allow myself a little escape from …

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What's on YOUR Playlist?

Not long after we started working together, Angela and I discovered that we share very similar musical interests. Generally, we both appreciate the envelope-pushing elements of post-punk and the folksy, down-home delivery of traditional country. But, especially, we adore that …

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Elementary, My Dear Winston!

Last week, we left you with a furtive plea to help us find Winston’s mystery treat sender. Thanks to the powers of the internet, we found his enigmatic gift giver and managed to get in contact with her. So …

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FAME, Bread and Butter, and Who's Next

ModCloth Buyers Sari, Lindsay, and Susan travel to Paris for Who’s Next

It’s January, and that means tradeshow season for spring and summer is in full swing! Our ModCloth buyers kicked off 2010 with trips to FAME in New York

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Guess the Reference!

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Gear up and get excited for a riveting round of Guess the Reference, our latest and greatest ModMobile Contest! In this game, fifty random players who answer correctly will receive a one-of-a-kind vintage accessory hand-picked …

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Where Bigfoot Meets the Amazon, and Life In Between

The day after my 22nd birthday, I had one of those serene, emphatic moments people write about in books. You know when the world around you seems to freeze, and all you’ve ever done in life and all you are …

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