Archive | 01/04/2010

Polar Bears Spotted in Pittsburgh!

(Image above: Taken from

Some did it as a testament to their love of Pittsburgh. Some, to prove a point to their friends. Some did it to prove something to themselves. And some jumped into the freezing Monongahela waters …

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The Party Won't Start 'Til You Walk In!

The presents may have been opened and the New Year’s Eve kisses puckered, but all of us here at ModCloth are still in party mode! So those of you in the Pittsburgh-area (or if you feel like road-tripping it out …

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Top 10 Things We Hope Are Invented in the Upcoming Decade

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2010. Hard to believe we’re here already. So what does the future hold? Sadly, I lost my mystical ability to read the future a few years back and can’t give you an informed answer to that …

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