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Outfit of the Week Challenge!

If you had twenty minutes to pick out an outfit from ModCloth, what would you choose?

Outfit of the week is something that could take days to decide, and dwell over, so instead of doting over each product on our …

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Blogs…

[Image Above:]

Pop culture references, high runway fashion,

Eclectic homes and one great artist’s passion,

An American family, a fun daily log,

These are a few of my favorite blogs…

  • Using a simple equation of one random thing plus
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ModCloth was featued in the New York Times

ModCloth was featured in the New York Times!

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A Study in Stylish Living

A new year has arrived, and many of us are making resolutions. If yours is to spruce up your abode now that you’ve taken down the spruce tree that resided in a corner of your living room for the holidays, …

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Of Mice and Women

[Image Above:]

Style inspiration from a pug? That’s right! Before you turn your nose up at taking a cute cue from woman’s best friend, allow me to present my fashionista du jour – Minnie Mouse.

Mice may be tiny …

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