Archive | 01/15/2010

Let Them Eat Cupcakes!


After fashion, pugs, and Twin Peaks, our greatest love is the cupcake. Yes, cupcakes. Thanks to our proximity to Pittsburgh’s famous Dozen Bake Shop, these oh-so-sweet treats make frequent appearances in our office – and even some of …

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Black and Blue and Chic All Over

For today’s style inspiration, I’d like to feature two lovely ladies who, despite the doldrum winter blues, manage to seamlessly combine the dark and neutral colors of typical Pittsburgh weather into totally chic ensembles. I caught up with Lindsay, a …

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Outfit of the Week: Business in the Front, Party All Around

It’s the time of year when I find myself in a wardrobe slump. The weather’s cold, the ground is slushy, and by the time I leave work, it’s so dark and dreary that the only thing that cheers me up …

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