Archive | 01/22/2010

Sweeter Than A Dress Made of Cake


Sometimes 3 o’clock on a Friday rolls around, and it’s not that you’re bored, or tired, or totally zoning out, it’s just that you’re feeling a bit nostalgic. Maybe a little whimsical. And there’s only so much whimsy you …

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It's A Doggie Treat Dog World!

Goodness! How you all spoil Winston! As if his new skateboard wasn’t enough, we received word that some lovely customer had sent him a tasty little treat with their shopping return! Unfortunately, the gift and the return box got separated …

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Outfit of the Week: If I Could Walk a Mile in Your Shoes

Oh, those shoes! Those beautiful, red shoes! My reverence for their old west gambler style, the vague motorcyle boot influence of the harness, and their gender-neutrality – not to mention their respelendent pop of color! – had me considering making …

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Cute It Up

photo courtesy of

Because I fell in love with Up, and it won a Golden Globe this week (!) I felt like this pic was a fitting tribute.

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