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Outfit of the Week: Business in the Front, Party All Around

It’s the time of year when I find myself in a wardrobe slump. The weather’s cold, the ground is slushy, and by the time I leave work, it’s so dark and dreary that the only thing that cheers me up …

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Potato, Tomato, Cheese, Peas & Beans Bake

For these cold winter months, take it from lumberjacks, mountain climbers, and your mom – it’s good to get a hearty meal in ya! Baked dishes with starches and proteins and a bit of veggies tossed in for vitamins and …

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Playing Dress-Up Has Never Been Cuter!

Clockwise from top left: Knoxy, Winston the pug, Spike the cat, and Reese

It’s January 14 – time to celebrate National Dress Your Pet Up Day! No, we’re not making this up. It’s a real holiday and a super …

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This Just In

pants retro vintage high waisted old hollywood
Allspice Glamour Pants

Who would have thought that my favorite new item this week would be a pair of pants? I’m most definitely a dress and skirt kind of girl, but there’s something so appealing about these retro high-waisted gems. …

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You Say It's Your Unisex-y

How Unisex-y are birthdays! Whether you’re a woman or a man, you’ve got one.  And as it turns out, ModCloth’s Newsletter Coordinator, Crystal, and I share ours tomorrow. So to celebrate, and to keep in line with the binary nature …

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A New Pug In Town

Meet Gabby! Gabby is our tech team member Marcos’ 10.5 week, 3.5 lb. baby pug, who’s also a  niece of our legendary Winston. Her full-glamour name is Maria Gabriella Sainz de Pittsburgh I.

Gabby is just learning to bark, …

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Pearls Are a Girl's Best Friend

Today’s Style Inspiration comes from Shontae, a Research Specialist at UPMC in Pittsburgh. Shontae attended last Saturday’s awesome ModCloth party, and I couldn’t help but notice her flawless style from across the room. When it comes to fancier occasions, or …

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Blogger of the Moment: This Time Tomorrow

Introducing the latest Blogger of the Moment, Krystal of This Time Tomorrow! Her site is the true definition of a daily outfit blog. Almost every day she shares a new fabulous look with the world. The backdrops for her …

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Spinning a Yarn (In More Ways Than One)

The first scarf I knitted rolled up into itself like a turtle hiding in its shell. No amount of tugging, stretching, ironing, or whining would make it lay flat. This, you can imagine, irritated me greatly. I’d spent hours on …

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Style Glossary: Accordion-pleated Skirts

This week’s fashion dictionary deals with a vintage lover’s staple – accordion-pleated skirts!

Sometimes called a sunburst-pleated skirt, accordion pleated skirts are made from a full circle of fabric, featuring pressed-in pleats that are wide at the bottom and taper …

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