Archive | 02/17/2010

My Heart Skips a Beat

For some of us, the rite of passage known as high school was, or will be, a strange variation of Freaks and Geeks, complete with awkward gym locker room interactions and hilarious school assemblies. Without question, everyone’s high school ordeal …

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Shakespearean Cuteness

Forget nursery rhymes. Someday, I’m going to teach my babies Shakespearean soliloquies!…

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Comme Des DIY

My eyes were peeled in New York this past week for fashions off the runway and worthy of a ModCloth mention! When skirting around the Fashion Week tents, I took particular notice of this creative dresser waiting to observe the …

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Stuff We Miss: The Possibilities Were Endless

If you ever wanted to be a fashion designer when you grew up, maybe you had one of these Fashion Plates sets by Tomy Toys.

With these totally awesome plates featuring raised outlines of outfit pieces, you could create …

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