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Blogger of the Moment: Fashion is Poison

Here’s our latest Blogger of the Moment – Lucrecia of Fashion is Poison. Along with her cool outfit pics, she also posts beautiful photos that make you want to explore the world, redecorate your apartment, and revamp your wardrobe. …

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Vintage Sexism: Driving with Women in Cars Edition

Image Above:

Everyone knows that women are terrible drivers.  Sure, statistical data may show that women get into into fewer accidents than men, are less likely to drive under the influence of alcohol, less likely to speed excessively, …

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Top 10 Things to Do on February 14 if You Don't Have a Valentine


Single gals of the world, lend me your ears! I’ve assembled you all here to unite in solidarity for singlehood! This upcoming weekend, when that commercial bonanza called Valentine’s Day rolls around, let us gather together and go …

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Peach, Plum, Pear

Seeing ModCloth’s new Peach, Plum, Pear Dress reminded us of one of our favorite music videos–  Echo Panda‘s grainy, vintage-feeling spec film for indie-folk warbler Joanna Newsom’s song of the same name. We love the little imperfections of the …

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Favorite Anne Fogarty Find!

Who: Natalie of The Bobby Pin

What: A fun floral dress by Pittsburgh-born designer Anne Fogarty

Where: Buffalo Exchange, San Diego

How Much: $16 for the dress and the jacket

When I use It: I wear them separately. The jacket, …

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Style Icon: Grace Jones

[Image Above:]

I know it’s cliche of me to say, but honestly– Grace Jones is a woman who needs no introduction. The former Bond girl is internationally known as a respectable actress, a provocative model, and a talented musician. …

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Style Glossary: I Get a 'Kick Pleat' Out of You

[Image Above: Miss Darling Dress]

Did you know that, circa 1910, women went wild for a skirt so narrow at the hem that they could barely walk in it? This garment, Paul Poiret’s aptly termed “hobble skirt,” …

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Super Bowl Snowbank Chili

After 20 inches of snow and 50 hours inside this weekend, I was ready to escape the increasingly annoying indoors for a friend’s Super Bowl extravaganza and a fine feast of Super Bowl Snowbank Chili last night! Unfortunately, the roads …

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Unhappy Hipsters

Ah, modern design. It’s clean, colorful, light, airy, and uh, have you noticed? Empty. Unhappy Hipsters makes light of the people who occupy these über sleek, über chic landscapes, taking beautiful photos from popular design mags and giving them humorous …

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Can't Change Your Spots

[Image Above:]

Forget clashing patterns, a bright neon palette, or acid washed denim – I’m going to go on the record and say that pulling off leopard print could be the most challenging endeavor facing today’s trendsetters.

Above …

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