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Favorite Cognac Coat!

Who: Suze, a blogger and designer at a non profit in MI

What: Vintage coat

Where: Thrift shop in Michigan

How Much: $7 (!!)

When I use It: All the time in the winter! I just bought it not too …

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Guilty Pop Pleasures Played by… an Orchestra?!


Do you love pop music? Do you love the orchestra? Then, have I got a treat for you! On second thought, just about anybody with ears should appreciate this. It’s For Orchestra and it’s a-maz-ing.

For Orchestra is the …

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Cynthia Steffe's Apple Crisp

As a general rule, I avoid the kitchen. I can’t stand cooking. Really, I can’t. But even I felt the tiniest quiver of excitement when we got the CFDA’s American Fashion Cookbook at work. After a few of my fellow …

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Top 10 Woodland Creature Characters

[Image Above:]

As if forest fauna weren’t cute enough already, someone had to go and make them into lovable social icons who have infiltrated pop culture, traditions, music, and more. What better to bring this fact to mind …

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Obsolete Fashion: Age of the Cage?

[Image Above:]

In the 1830s, along with Queen Victoria’s ascension to the throne, bell shaped skirts became all the rage – both in England and across the Atlantic. By 1842, this increasingly voluminous silhouette required a lot of extra …

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The Hat that Makes the Woman

[Image Above:]

When a bare-headed John F. Kennedy was sworn into office on January 20, 1961, fashion was changed forever. Sounds silly, right? Well, its true. JFK was the first president to forgo headwear during his inauguration. In …

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