Archive | 03/05/2010

Outfit of the Week: Outfit of the Week: Intern Edition

While interning is often a thankless job, here at ModCloth, we like to think we treat our interns pretty well – even if we do occasionally dress them up! Christen, our esteemed Writing Team intern, was super enthused to volunteer …

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Top 10 Crafts that Should be Reincarnated

Though the crafts below are still practiced in a few faraway nooks and crannies, their devoted brethren have dwindled like green grass in a meadow stampeded by hungry cattle. True, people had more time for crafts back in the day, …

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You Totes Need this Free Tote!

The best things in life are free – like the fabulous Gentle Fawn tote above!

We are super excited to announce this very special giveaway: with the purchase of any of the five Gentle Fawn items above, you’ll receive a …

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