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Are You a ModStylist Fan?

What are you going to wear with the Piñata Leggings? What do you wear?! If you’re stuck at a stalemate with a certain style or are unsure how to dress for your friend’s autumn wedding, we’ve got a solution …

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The Delightful Dozen is Dynamite!

You may already know about the Delightful Dozen, a group of fashion bloggers from across the U.S. who’ve joined forces to swap clothes and …

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“Neighborhood” Love Songs

In our most recent ModMobile poll, we asked subscribers to choose which genre of music they wanted us to feature next on our blog. Well, the results are in, and the overwhelming majority of votes went to “indie!” So …

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Meet Shinzi Katoh, and Comment to Win A Free Limited Edition Item!

Most artists would blanch at the thought of their work being treated the way Shinzi Katoh‘s is. The Japanese artist’s work is often covered in food or ink or grime, and is in constant danger of getting scuffed, dropped, …

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Style to the Max

If we buyers have learned anything from trade shows, it’s that they aren’t just for finding fashionable new products – they’re a great place to spot stylish outfits as well! When we ran into Amanda, a rep for Melissa Shoes, …

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“Yarning” for Vintage

The DIY spirit is hardly a new trend. During the WWII era, when machine knitting was available, people were still enthusiastic about making sweaters, socks, even fascinators, by hand. I found this tattered but charming magazine, Gay Teen Ideas for

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Head Over Heels Cuteness

Thanks to this video, I have fallen in love with baby sheep. I’ve gotta find some more cute lambs – ASAP!

Do you have a favorite cute find? Email it to, and it could be featured on an …

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Blogger of the Moment: Calivintage

Erin of Calivintage is like the cool girl in high school you always wanted to be friends with–she emanates chic, laid back sophistication, with her mod haircut and her editorial-esque slouchy pose. Reading her blog makes me yearn for a …

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“Home,” I’ve Never Loved A Song Like You


Let me tell you about one of the best days I can remember. A few months ago, three of my closest friends joined me in decorating my apartment’s white walls with washable crayons, and we …

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Plaid about a Favorite Vintage Shirt!

Who: Melanie, of She’s in Love With the Captain

What: A multi-colored plaid shirt from the 1960s

Where: Bon Marche Thrift Shop, 45 E. Main St., Babylon, NY

How Much: $10!

When I use It: This is a fairly new …

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