Archive | 04/28/2010

The Bare Truth: Women’s Bodies in Ads for Men

In past Vintage Sexism posts, we’ve examined ways ads and commercials target women to sell everything from coffee to kitchen appliances to laundry detergent. Lately, though, I can’t help …

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Never too Legit to ‘Quito’

If Quito, Ecuador was one of the first places declared a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, it must be a sight to see, right? (The answer is yes.) So, get ready as Travel Bug zips down to South America! Riddled with …

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Sneaky Cuteness

Things Following Angry Cats, cat, ferret, cute finds,

“ACK! They’re organized!”

Photo: Things Following Angry Cats

There are many things out there following angry cats. Thanks to Deanna, our Purchasing Analyst, we now know about them through the website Things Following Angry Cats!

Do you have a …

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Chocolate-Peanut Butter Layered Cupcakes

First time’s the charm, if you’re hobby baker Cara Sapida. The local reporter and pal of our Head of Advertising, Michelle, whipped up her first original recipe to submit to Pillsbury’s annual Bake-Off contest, only to end up as a …

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