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Sneaky Cuteness

Things Following Angry Cats, cat, ferret, cute finds,

“ACK! They’re organized!”

Photo: Things Following Angry Cats

There are many things out there following angry cats. Thanks to Deanna, our Purchasing Analyst, we now know about them through the website Things Following Angry Cats!

Do you have a …

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Chocolate-Peanut Butter Layered Cupcakes

First time’s the charm, if you’re hobby baker Cara Sapida. The local reporter and pal of our Head of Advertising, Michelle, whipped up her first original recipe to submit to Pillsbury’s annual Bake-Off contest, only to end up as a …

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Dear ModSquad: Thank You! Love, Winston

Since the last ModSquad recruitment in December, our nearly 1,200 members from around the world have received sneak peeks and insider info, entered in ModSquad-exclusive contests, and provided much-needed feedback to improve your every day experience on! To find …

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Fashion Your Fortune: Where Will Your Style-Savvy Lead You?

Fulfill your ‘dress-tiny’ in our fun and fabulous new online game: Fashion Your Fortune!

Your journey begins with one of three fantastic frocks. Which dress possesses your style spirit: garnished with glamor, edgy with eye-catching design, or classically cute? …

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Signature Shades

Summer Sunglasses

Photo: user Reagan

With the sun now shining full force, so emerge one of my favorite accessories – sunglasses! Nothing says, “I’m awesome,” like an oversized pair of shades. Reagan definitely proves that with her sleek ensemble of …

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Itchin’ to Get Out of the Kitchen!


Who: Emilie Foley

Vintage apron

Wexford General Store Antique

How Much:

When I Use It:
When I’m feeling a little old school, like a ’50s housewife. It is also paired perfectly with …

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ModCloth Spring Fever Blogger Challenge: Final Week!

It’s the last installment of our Spring Fever Blogger Challenge. Vote for your favorite styling of the Composition VII Hat!Is it This Time Tomorrow, Strawberry Koi, Selective Potential, or Keiko Lynn?


<br /> …

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Happy 6th Birthday, Winston!

What a birthday-filled month! If it wasn’t enough that our blog and I Spy are now in their toddler years, today is Winston’s sixth birthday! Happy birthday, little guy!…

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Top 10 Things We Wanted to Be When We Grew Up

When you’re young, you dream big. I wanted to own a candy shop and be “someone who owns horses.” My younger sister wanted to be a mermaid. Since nothing is more endearing than little tyke tidbits, this week, we’re bringing …

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