Archive | 05/10/2010

Meet Emily

Meet the adventurous Emily, seasoned traveler and ModCloth’s Assistant to Marketing!

Name: Emily
Hometown: Bethel Park, PA
Pets: Two rescue dogs, Mia and Roxy
Worst fashion faux pas: Wearing multiple colors of eyeliner at once
I love: Any …

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Cosmo June 10

The Miss Firecracker Skirt was featured in the June 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

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An Outfit Study In Blue

Oh, where to begin? There’s just too much to love about Ottawan Yulia’s look, from her charmingly cropped hair to her long knee socks. I can’t get enough of her blue-on-blue ensemble, and how she’s made monochromatic dressing

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Stuff We Miss: Skip-It


My friend, Lindsay, did it ’cause she thought it was radically fun. My grandma tried it in hopes that it would keep her heart pumping longer. I’ll be honest; I only did it ’cause it …

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