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Style Soundtrack: Party Mix

It’s that time of year again when parties are popping up all over the place – students are graduating, couples are wedding, and the rest of us are celebrating summer! But what would these parties be without a fun mix …

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A Mythical Cute Find

Cat Unicorn

Photo: Etsy seller xmoonbloom

Crocheted unicorn caps for cats and dogs? They seem so magical, but they’re real!…

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Meet Emily

Meet the adventurous Emily, seasoned traveler and ModCloth’s Assistant to Marketing!

Name: Emily
Hometown: Bethel Park, PA
Pets: Two rescue dogs, Mia and Roxy
Worst fashion faux pas: Wearing multiple colors of eyeliner at once
I love: Any …

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Cosmo June 10

The Miss Firecracker Skirt was featured in the June 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

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An Outfit Study In Blue

Oh, where to begin? There’s just too much to love about Ottawan Yulia’s look, from her charmingly cropped hair to her long knee socks. I can’t get enough of her blue-on-blue ensemble, and how she’s made monochromatic dressing

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Stuff We Miss: Skip-It


My friend, Lindsay, did it ’cause she thought it was radically fun. My grandma tried it in hopes that it would keep her heart pumping longer. I’ll be honest; I only did it ’cause it …

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Bands You’d Take Home to Your Mother

What better way to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day than introducing her to your latest crush –musical crush, that is! Many musicians might not fit the bill to bring home to dinner, so we’ve gone ahead and picked a few …

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Some of our favorite finds aren’t necessarily “found” as much as they are passed down from generation. This Mother’s Day, to honor our trendsetting moms, a few ModCloth employees shared their favorite finds that were passed down to …

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Outfit of the Week: Denim Revival

I’ll admit, when I discovered head-to-toe denim was on this spring’s fashion forecast, I panicked. I’m wary of wearing multiple denim pieces at once. Sporting this denim, tie-dye-inspired dress by Olga de Polga seemed to me a safer – but …

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Eric and Susan were named as finalists in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs 2010!!!

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