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A Wonderful Floral Find!

Who: Amanda of The Upside of Wonder

What: Blue sleeveless floral dress

Salvation Army in Austin, TX

How Much:

When I Use It:
As often as possible! The fact that it’s lightweight and sleeveless is perfect right now. …

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tech crunch

ModCloth was feature by TechCrunch, including an interview with Susan and Eric.

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NY Times Business article

ModCloth was featured by the New York Times

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Top 10 Summer Picnic Foods


Photo: Hajime Nakano

It’s a lovely summer day; the sun is twinkling through the tree branches, the birds are singing arias, and the clouds are as a fluffy as meringues in the forget-me-not sky. It’s the perfect day for packing …

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Blogger of the Moment: Behind the Seams

Floridian blogger Trang of Behind the Seams effortlessly matches bold colors and subtle prints to concoct outfits that equal perfection. She knows what works and works it–from waist-cinching silhouettes to drapey and relaxed looks. Trang manages to  maintain an amazing …

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On the Road with ModMobile!

Last week, we asked our ModMobile subscribers to vote for their favorite road trip destination, and the results are in!…

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No-tori-ous for Style

Not only is this look by artist Sonia Li very charming, her purse made me LOL. Her scallop patterned romper, in a dreamy shade of blue, makes me think of something  a mermaid would wear should she pose for a …

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Geek Sugar

The Talk the Tocky Touch Alarm Clock was featured in Geek Sugar’s Shopping section.

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So Fresh and So Clean: Acne Edition

Image: Flickr user SA_Steve

I can’t say I know anyone who embraces acne. But if you are an already-self-conscious adolescent (or a young adult with the more-than-occasional breakout), these ads can seem unnecessarily cruel. The above ad is disguised as …

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She Said, He Said: Meet Lauren & Tokyo

We always love hearing what our readers have to say, but who knew we could be in the happy position of hearing you guys sing as well! A few weeks ago, 20-year-old Ontario ModCloth fan Lauren Campbell sent some of …

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