Archive | 06/16/2010

Racquet Baller Goggles

Recently, I chose to play racquetball goggle-free, because I didn’t want to wear the dorky wraparound goggles. I quickly learned my lesson when I oh-so-skillfully returned the ball with none other than – you guessed it – my eye. After …

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Meet Nicole

Say hello to Nicole, ModStylist and artist!

Name: Nicole
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite trend of moment: Neons! I love color.
Most cringe-worthy outfit: Eighth grade, first day of school. I picked out this outfit of clogs, pleated pants, and a …

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Blogger of the Moment: Fashion Squad

I was first introduced to this lovely Swedish blogger, Carolina of Fashion Squad, at the Chictopia luncheon during Fashion Week. After meeting her, I checked out her blog and loved it! Not only does her site showcase her impeccably …

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Vintage Sexism: Single Ladies Edition

Image: The Sister Project

What do Dorothy, age 25, Beth, age 22, and Hildegarde, age 27, all have in common? Besides possessing “natural charm” and the ability to “dress well, talk well, and dance well,” it is, quite simply, the …

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