Archive | 06/29/2010

No-tori-ous for Style

Not only is this look by artist Sonia Li very charming, her purse made me LOL. Her scallop patterned romper, in a dreamy shade of blue, makes me think of something¬† a mermaid would wear should she pose for a …

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Geek Sugar

The Talk the Tocky Touch Alarm Clock was featured in Geek Sugar’s Shopping section.

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So Fresh and So Clean: Acne Edition

Image: Flickr user SA_Steve

I can’t say I know anyone who embraces acne. But if you are an already-self-conscious adolescent (or a young adult with the more-than-occasional breakout), these ads can seem unnecessarily cruel. The above ad is disguised as …

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She Said, He Said: Meet Lauren & Tokyo

We always love hearing what our readers have to say, but who knew we could be in the happy position of hearing you guys sing as well! A few weeks ago, 20-year-old Ontario ModCloth fan Lauren Campbell sent some of …

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