Archive | 07/02/2010

No Place Like Home: A Memoir in 39 Apartments

I was not planning to read No Place Like Home while moving across the country. But like so much else in life, as playwright and author Brooke Berman explores in her memoir, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.

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Outfit of the Week: Temperate Days and Chilly Nights


This week in Pittsburgh weather has been nothing short of ideal, albeit a bit strange for summer. Blindingly bright sunny days with highs in the mid-70s (temperate and terrific) have resulted in breezy, 50-something degree evenings.

Morgan, ModCloth’s Quality Assurance …

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Avocado Mangoritas

After concocting this recipe on multiple occasions, like Depeche Mode, I just can’t get enough! Since savoring my first Avocado Mangorita in Cleveland, I set out on a mission to hunt down its formula, striking green-gold on Not …

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